According to some psychologists (Cortese and Viada, 2008) motivation is an energy that feeds behaviors and orients them towards a goal that can be described in terms of:

  • Activation (starting conditions of behaviour)
  • Direction (objective to which it is addressed)
  • Intensity (strength of the energy investment)
  • Persistence (also insist in the face of the difficulty in achieving the objective)

Activation is related to the initial spark of the element Fire, Direction to the concrete objective, Earth, Intensity is a continuous use of force to keep the initial flame alive, Air that feeds Fire and Persistence, can be related, with the continuous flow of rivers and waves of the sea, the element Water and Saturn.

Depending on the elements and personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) distributed in the birth chart, we can hypothesize what motivates us and how we can be more motivated. The planet, the starting point of the analysis is Mars, for sign and for home, which must still stimulate the solar values and the I-Ascendant. Similarly, it expresses the way in which we usually motivate others.

An important consideration is also the possible association with the 5/6 levels of GNP (Neurological Levels of Dilts) that lead to centering, the search for identity, and the achievement of objectives, well in one of the levels appears the “behavior” that is close to the meaning of Mars and motivation. Including, therefore, in the astrological interpretation also some concepts of GNP can be effective.

As an example I bring the well-known football coach Giovanni Trapattoni. Ascending Sagittarius Pisces with Mars in the sign and in the house I, Sun and Jupiter joined in Pisces in the third, Moon and Venus joined in Aquarius in the house II and Mercury and Saturn joined in Aries in the house IV. The distribution of the personal planets is equal among the elements, the absence of the Earth stands out, but it is compensated by the quadrature of Uranus in the V house (sport) in Taurus to the Moon and Venus in the II house (the resources to be taken out) and by the opposition of the Sun in the III (the use of words) to Neptune in the IX house in Virgo (idealism and aspirations towards order and concreteness).

I leave you to a well-known and funny self-explanatory video on the motivation.

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